Vaping Does Not Damage the DNA According to BAT Study

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Vaping Does Not Damage the DNA According to BAT Study

It is a well-known fact that cigarette smoke is extremely bad for human health and that goes down to the molecular level. Smoke and various toxins within in change and damage our DNA strands. When those strands are exposed to high enough levels of toxins for a sufficient amount of time, they break and that type of damage can cause cancer.

British American Tobacco company recently researched whether vaping inflicted the same type of damage to DNA and the scientists concluded that it does not. When exposed to vapor from e-cigs, DNA strands don’t react the same as when they are exposed to smoke.

Although more research is needed, these results show that vaping can’t be put in the same basket as smoking. Check out the original study and the results if you want to see some pretty technical details – word of warning, it’s ok if you don’t understand most of the words, we didn’t either!

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