Vapor Technology Association Concludes ‘Thunderclap’

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Vapor Technology Association Concludes ‘Thunderclap’ – a Hugely Successful Social Media Campaign


On October 27th, the VTA brought ‘Thunderclap’ to an end. Thunderclap was an online social media campaign that went semi-viral and whose goal was putting pressure on the Congress to support the Cole Bishop Amendment.


Tony Abboud, VTA’s national legislative director, notes that 665 people and businesses supported Thunderclap, sharing, commenting, and doing all they can to bring attention to the vaping problems. Taglines used where #WeAreVapor and #SupportColeBishop. As a result, close to one million people in the United States alone were reached.


The VTA is happy with the results and their officials state that social media exposure like this will help put pressure on the Congress to give Cole-Bishop Amendment due consideration. Cole-Bishop, in turn, will help keep vaping products accessible to the general public and save thousands of businesses in the process.


Original post by Tony Abboud

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