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Welcomes Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama to the Team


Everyone picks on the smaller guy. If you’re scrawny and little, you’re a target. That’s what vapors were in the beginning. We were small in numbers and scattered. We had no connections, no pull, and no agenda.


However, our movement started to grow, jeopardizing interests of numerous companies. We became a threat that needed to be crushed. Still, even after the attacks on our community started, we remained unorganized and divided.


We’ll that’s not the case anymore. Vapor Technology Association (VTA) is joining forces with local vaping associations in an effort to present a more unified front towards the legislators and push through the Cole-Bishop Amendment which would counteract the FDA’s deeming rule that has been in effect since August 8th.


Their most recent addition to the team is the Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama (BEAA). Scott Eichelberger, BEAA President, is very excited to be working with the VTA. ‘We need a coordinated strategy in Washington, DC and VTA has the best leadership to lead that fight’- says Eichelberger.


We’re all excited to see our community banding together and working to turn things around for the industry that’s saving thousands of lives and provides jobs for tens of thousands of hard-working people. We’re confident that all their efforts will pay off in the near future.


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