VTA’s Tony Abboud Testifies

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Testifies in Front of Senate Judiciary Committee in What is Indiana’s Biggest Legislative Mess to Date

We’ve recently written about the huge mess Indiana made with the changes to their vaping law. Basically, they’ve created a monopoly that allowed one security company to decide which vaping companies can and which cannot do business in the state. After the FBI took a look at the whole thing, the CEO of the security company and a Senator ended up under investigation.

Indiana Senate Judiciary Committee is now investigating this and VTA’s director, Tony Abboud, was called in to testify. Mr. Abboud pointed out that Indiana has the most damaging law in place, one that will hurt (and is already hurting) numerous small businesses in the state.

He continued to say that: ‘“the entire basis upon which the current law was promoted is essentially a ruse; a fiction created to justify the imposition of a security firm monopoly.”

Indiana’s Senate now has the opportunity to do what’s right for small vaping businesses in the state. They are already under a lot of pressure thanks to the FDA’s deeming regulation so there really is no point in making things even more difficult for them.

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