VTA's Tony Abboud Responds to Surgeon General Report

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VTA's Tony Abboud Responds to Surgeon General Report

Mr. Tony Abboud, the National Legislative Director of Vapor Technology Association, responded to the negative e-cig report issued by the office of US Surgeon General earlier last week. The report has focused primarily on the underage usage of e-cigarettes and expressed concern that they are not sufficiently regulated.

Mr. Abboud notes that the VTA supports bipartisan attempts to regulate vaping products so that they do not fall into hands of minors and that they are willing to work with the legislators to ensure that there are safeguards in place so that this doesn’t happen as frequently.

However, Mr. Abboud continues that the Surgeon General’s report woefully underestimates the potential of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation tools. He states that there are millions of adults who depend on vaping as an alternative to smoking and that e-cigarettes are saving numerous lives.

Mr. Abboud concludes: ‘While there is no credible evidence that vapor products are a ‘gateway’ to combustible cigarettes, there is scientific evidence that they provide these adult smokers with a safer alternative.’

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