What does Earth Day have to do with vaping?

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Almost 50 years ago, on April 22nd 1970, close to 20 million Americans joined forces to protest against horrendous consequences overexploitation was having on the environment. Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson, teamed up with a Republican McCloskey and triggered a nationwide, bipartisan movement that lives to this day. In 2017, Earth Day is the largest civic rally, mobilising over 1 billion participants in more than 190 countries of the world, in an effort to effect positive environmental change around the globe.

You might ask now: ‘What does Earth Day have to do with vaping?’

It has plenty to do with it.

You might not even be aware of it, but your conscious decision to switch to vaping is benefiting the environment every single day. Sure, we all had different reasons to quit smoking - environment was probably the last thing on anyone’s mind, right? Still, the moment you decided to ditch the analog cigarette, you started contributing to preserving the environment we all live in.

Disastrous Effects of Tobacco Industry on the Environment

When you were a smoker you probably consoled yourself with the fact you’re not hurting anyone but yourself. Ultimately, that started becoming less and less of an excuse - why would you persist in an action that hurts anyone, especially you?

So you wised up.

But what if we told you that your smoking actually hurt everyone on the planet?

  • Close to 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are discarded every year. Imagine that? We’re no math wizes but that sounds like a number that could easily cover a small city. Multiply that by 10 and you get a ten-years worth of cigarette butts (45 trillion) that take 2 years to degrade under perfect conditions (hint: perfect conditions only achievable in a laboratory environment). Approximately half of that 4.5 trillion number ends up in landfills. The other half ends up in the sea, the soil, the fish you eat, the sand your children play in when you put them in a sandbox. Cigarette butts are poisoning our environment and our health and there’s more and more of them every single year.

  • 50 million trees are cut down every year just to cure tobacco. Add to that the fact that more and more trees are chopped down to make room for new tobacco plantations and the number gets close to 600 million per year! For what? So smokers can continue to poison themselves and pollute the environment? We’re chopping down Earth’s lungs to replace them with a galloping tumor. Nearly 5% of all deforestation is happening because of the tobacco industry.

  • Each year, 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are produced by the US tobacco industry alone. On a global scale, that number gets closer to 60 million metric tons. Carbon dioxide is one of the key contributors to global warming.

Very few people are aware of the negative environmental consequences brought about by the tobacco industry. This here is just a tip of the iceberg. Tobacco crops need to be heavily treated with pesticides because it’s a sensitive and that seriously pollutes the soil, making it unfarmable and unfit for any other crop after tobacco has been grown on it for a couple of years - and it’s going to be decades until it recovers. 5 million hectares of land currently under tobacco could feed millions if they were put to different use. Unfortunately, they are used to grow a crop whose only purpose is to make people addicted to it and to ultimately kill them.

What Can You Do?

Keep on vaping!

We can’t say with any amount of certainty how big the effect of vaping is on the environment but we’re willing to bet our lives is just a fraction of what tobacco is currently doing to it. Vaping doesn’t require huge cuts of land to be taken away from forests and edible crops and it doesn’t create (that much) waste that’s difficult to dispose of. Vape juices don’t require trees to be chopped down by the thousands every hour in order to get paper (the tobacco industry uses 4 miles of paper every hour simply to wrap and package cigarettes).

So you see, you’re already doing a lot for the environment simply by not smoking. However, if you want to do more, check out this Earth Day Organization page - Take Action. 2020 will mark 50 years that Earth Day was first conceived and organized. The goal is to do 3 billion acts of green by that time - you can make your own act and contribute to the overall goal or you can support other acts and the organization in doing what they do best - raising awareness about how precious - and how vulnerable - our beautiful planet really is!

Check out how we at BuyVapor are doing our part for the environment

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