World Health Organization Close to Banning Vaping Products

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World Health Organization Close to Banning Vaping Products


In a surprising – and shocking – move, several national delegations attending the WHO tobacco control conference tried to introduce a global ban on vaping products. These delegations, led by India and Thailand, insisted that the final conference report should instruct governments to ban manufacture, importation, presentation, sale, and use of vapor products. Both countries have very large tobacco industries so it’s not a major surprise that they would want to see this happen.

Countries that ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, would be put into a difficult situation as they would be legally bound to do just that, although not immediately.


The proposition was narrowly defeated but this turn of events doesn’t bode well for the future. The next conference is scheduled for 2018 and by that time vaping industry opponents might be able to garner additional support and win a victory.


No one really knows what is going on behind the closed doors of this conference because news reporters have been denied access. Should we be afraid? Probably – it’s never a good sign when the few are making all decisions for the many – especially when the many aren’t even allowed to spectate.


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