Menthol vape flavors are a hit among vapers looking for freshness beyond compare. They are what you’re going to opt for if you want your every inhale to be cool as a sheet of ice. There are several different sensations of cool – spearmint, peppermint, menthol – so you can switch it up occasionally and still get the hit you crave without becoming bored. Diversity, that’s what so cool about cool vape flavors!

The best menthol vapes are mixed with other flavors such as fruits, nuts, or berries, and give them a new dimension. Of course, you can opt to vape pure menthol vape flavors and watch your breath freeze the air in front of you – the choice is all yours!

Top Cool Flavored Eliquid Sellers

Time Bomb TNT Ice, Cosmic Fog Kryptonite, and Naked 100 Brain Freeze

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