Vape flavors are dozens a dime but there is nothing quite like that silky feeling you get when a creamy flavor engulfs your taste buds in its embrace. Some smokers have switched to vaping exclusively because that sensation cannot be recreated with cigarette smoke. Cream vape flavors are very velvety and carry that delicious taste to all the hidden nooks and crannies in your mouth.

Some of the best vape juices we’ve tried are cream and fruit combinations – cream adds a bit of complexity and depth to every vape flavor and smooths out the taste, making it mellow and with less of a throat hit. If you’re looking for a vape flavor that simply glides through you, you’ve come to the right place!

Top Cream Flavored Ejuice Sellers: Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey, Cuttwood Unicorn Milk, Charlie's Chalk Dust Dream Cream, Charlie's Chalk Dust CCD3, Mr. Meringue, and Space Jam Meteor Milk.

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