Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Same Day Shipping:

If your order is placed by 9:00 PM Eastern Time Monday - Saturday your order will be packed and sent to the USPS facility the same day. 
Once it is scanned into the USPS system, your tracking number will become active. 
If your order is placed outside of that timeframe, Sunday’s or Holiday’s it will be packed and ready to ship the following business day. 

Free Shipping:

Our free shipping service is sent USPS First Class Mail (domestic orders only). First Class Mail is between 2-7 days shipping time. 
USPS does not guarantee their shipping times, however, in most cases it arrives within that timeframe. 
First Class mail does not allow for a claim to be made if the package is damaged or fails to arrive. 
We have only the same access to information on a shipped package that you have by tracking number or calling 1-800-275-8777. Or visit: www.usps.com

Priority Mail:

You can choose to upgrade to Priority mail for a small cost. Priority Mail is 2-3 days, but again USPS does not guarantee their shipping times.
With Priority mail shipping if the package is lost or damaged a claim can be filed for up to $100.

Shipping Tracking number:

Once your order is placed and processed you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a tracking number. That tracking number will not be active until USPS scans it into their system. (please allow up to 24 hours).
Once scanned you will be able to follow the package to delivery.

Damaged Items:

If your package shows up damaged; Take pictures of the packaging and any damage to items. Contact our customer support at help@buyvapor.com and include all pictures and information and we will determine the best plan of action.
Made a mistake on your order?:
If you accidentally make a mistake on your order, it's ok! Just let us know as quickly as possible. As long as the order has not yet shipped, values are equal and we have the correct item in stock we can generally make adjustments for you prior to shipping.

Missed a Special or Sale?:

We love our customers and do our best to get all email marketing and notifications out for everyone to take advantage of our specials. If however, you missed it as much as we would love to extend it “just this once” we would have to do that for everyone, every time. 
Unfortunately that's just not possible. Rest assured though if you missed a special, there will be another great deal just around the corner. Keep checking the website, and your email! 
Also be sure to “like” us on Facebook, Instagram, and follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the latest news and deals!

Double Check your order:

On any particular brand there can be different costs for different flavors, and or for different MG (nicotine levels). 
Double check to see that you have chosen the correct MG level for you, and the cost is what you believe it to be. 
Also, certain brands only carry certain NIC levels, so double check that you are getting exactly what you want.
Be aware that some items labeled as 120mL come packed as (4) -30mL bottles as an example.
Prior to the final step in ordering please review your order for accuracy. It is ultimately your responsibility to be sure your order is correct before checking out. (*see above if you have made a mistake)

Juice Color/Taste is different:

When e-juice is first manufactured it can be very light in color and flavor (unless there are color additives).
You can purchase the same juice over and over and it may be a different color each time. The taste can also vary from light to stronger. Be patient with your juice and understand it might need some time to “age" or “steep”. 
Once a juice is opened it is subjected to oxygen. Oxidation will affect the color and taste. 
Steeping is a choice. Your juice is good to vape right away, but if you like it a bit stronger, then open it and give it some time.
Storage and Temperature can also affect your juice. It is best to keep it at a temperature of approximately 65°F - 75°F (18°C - 24°C), and away from direct sunlight.


There is no official expiration of E-Liquid. That being said, e-juice must be stored correctly. (see above)
Many manufacturers now stamp dates, or batch numbers  on their juice. Check to see if your juice is stamped with a “BO” (Born on) date or “Best By” date. 
Again, Best By dates are selective. If your E-juice has been stored properly you can expect it to last several years before the nicotine strength starts to degrade. 
If you notice a very different smell, taste or see sediment that does not remix once shaken, be on the safe side and dispose of it. While there have been no studies showing if expired E-Liquid is harmful, it’s best to err on the side of safety.


Prior to placing your first order, be sure to sign up for your “VaporRewards Account” to ensure proper credit for all purchases.
To redeem your points, first go to your VaporRewards account. Verify the amount of points you have and choose to redeem. You can redeem, 50 points for a $5 off coupon code, or 100 points for $10 off, or 300 points for $35 off. You can only use ONE discount code per order regardless how much or where your code is from. Each code is good for one use only and is specific to your personal account.
At checkout there is a Gift Card/Discount Code box to copy and paste the code in and click “Apply”.


Please refer to our return policy: https://www.buyvapor.com/pages/return-policy

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