60mL Cuttwood - Outrage Orange

60mL Cuttwood - Outrage Orange


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60mL - Outrage Orange reimagined series is reminiscent of a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. Simplistic in nature but magnificent in taste. Finally orange like orange should be!

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
Made in the USA
  • Material: Plastic Bottle
  • Cap: Child-Resistant Cap

    Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (USP) Artificial and/or Natural Flavorings, Propylene Glycol (USP), Deionized Water, and Nicotine (USP)

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    There is no real flavor to it. It's only a hint of orange if that. I use it strictly to thin out other flavors, there is no way I use a tank of this by itself. Best way to describe it is Orange Juice vs Sparkling Water with hint of orange.

    James C.

    Big Orange Cloudz....

    When Cuttwood came out with Outrage Orange, and Livid Lime, I was not immediately sure if even wanted to possibly digress from Cuttwood truly being The Sauce Boss' (in my personal opinion). Nonetheless, I had to pick one of each up from BuyVapor.com...... Then the kinda sat for awhile'.... until I was willing to soak up some cotton' with outrage orange'... It was pleasant, but still seemed weak for Cuttwood. It was to "light" not rich like usual/most Cuttwood product. But, I wasn't gonna toss it, as my taste/s have changed at times, especially when vaping on a sorta "flavor-theme" for weeks-to-months... And I brought I Outrage Orange back out, and loaded it, (on top of some Unicorn Milk, left in my tank). I was happily surprised. I wondered why it was so good this time? Was it because of going through' a different tasting tank, or what? So, got everything out, and filled a fresh tank' full 1850bat and tried on it's own'... Hmm.. Again I was surprised! Happily'.... And since they came out with these two citrus flavors, I don't typically use them alone. But to make anything Outrageous! Sometimes, grabbing O ~Orange and another top-shelf juice from BV's online selections, and make a mix!... I can say this Made Cosmic Fog's (Lost Fog) Neon Cream, come way more creamy, and was hitting big ole' billows from that mix. I recommend it, absolutely. It is a needed add to collection of BuyVap's good stuff here'... And BuyVapor always gets it fast, which combining the Sauce Boss'.. With the Online ordering of BuyVapor...earns this juice 5*Stars....all Day Long!


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