60mL Cuttwood - Bird Brains

60mL Cuttwood - Bird Brains

60mL Cuttwood - Bird Brains


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60mL Bird Brains - Imagine jumping head first, mouth wide open into your favorite box of colorful, fruity cereal. That’s what Bird Brains conjures up. The more you vape it, the more crave it. This will be the juice you just can’t put down!

VG/PG Ratio: 80/20
Made in the USA
  • Material: Plastic Bottle
  • Cap: Child-Resistant Cap

    Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (USP) Artificial and/or Natural Flavorings, Propylene Glycol (USP), Deionized Water, and Nicotine (USP)

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    BuyVapor.com 120mL - Cuttwood Overstock Review

    Great Experience

    Great taste and product

    United States United States
    BuyVapor.com 120mL - Cuttwood Overstock Review

    Great company

    Living in Alaska I’ve had difficulty finding the one brand/flavor I like. Recent cluster mess trying to return a bottle I accidentally left the nic level off, I just reordered and it was here in 2 days! Free shipping. The guys were super nice about my attempts to get it back.

    Susan G.
    United States United States
    BuyVapor.com 120mL - Cuttwood Overstock Review

    Nice flavor

    Flavour matches description, notes of apple and cinnamon pastry. It does leave the throat a little dry afterwards. But good when vaped at.lower voltages.

    Bryce P.
    United States United States
    BuyVapor.com 120mL - Cuttwood Overstock Review

    unique'.... as always expected from Cuttwood

    Mega Melons has become a very important vape-juice, to always have on hand. Since this flavor has been around awhile, it has stood the test of any other melon-blends that are long gone now. This can be vaped alone, all day long.... but as you add a little of this, or of that....total great discoveries of either a hint of melon wherever you want'... Or more of Mega Melons eJ with a touch of another flavor. Mega Melons blends easy, and has such a good tatse, and aftertaste... It ranks as a must in my solid line-up, of on hand ejuices'....

    Josua K.
    United States
    BuyVapor.com 120mL - Cuttwood Overstock Review

    Best Juice'.... Always from the Sauce Boss' Cuttwood!

    Bird Brains and Unicorn Milk were my very 1st order of E-juice in 2016' Cuttwood was the 1st Cereal (labeled) style juice with this All time Classic' and satisfying juice aka sauce.... And still to this very day'..... Bird brains has been copied, but not one have the corner on a cereal-style blend like Cuttwood. They worked hard, and the proof is in all their sauces.... But' Bird Brains is on Top! Being able to get this in 2019, and it remains number one. BuyVapor.com has had it, at an affordable price, and just as the quality and hard-work of Cuttwood is bar none. Ditto'..... for a complete & solid Vendor and Vape store! Thanks BuyVapor.com (and Austin E. for keeping it real) ........one-stop vape shop'

    Josua K.
    United States

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